With a natural born talent and 25 years in the visual arts Business Giania Giraud truly understands what makes An image work and come alive. This is evident in her color combinations, balance and dynamic strokes and lines. She has a BA in Interior Design from the very prestigious Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, PA. After graduation, she spent that summer in Florence where she She took intensive Italian and also classes in Art History.
She moved to Miami where she worked for top notch firms like Carol Korn Interiors (Fisher Island) one of the most expensive Zip codes in the Country. Where celebrities like Oprah own a home and enjoy the privacy that living on that Island offers.
She was senior Designer at Designers Unlimited (Cecil Hayes) Where she had the opportunity to work with famous actors Like Samuel Jackson and his wife Latoya. You can also appreciate some of her work at the Villa Regina remodeling on Brickell Avenue while working with Tessi Garcia,Sister to actor Andy Garcia of Cuban descent who lives in Key Biscayne. She went on to own her own company GM DESIGN CONCEPTS Where she worked in luxury state-homes and condominium-penthouses.
She offers her clients support in all endeavors and will go up and above the call of duty to give her clients all the attention, time and assistance they need to take a project from concept toCompletion.
(Fluent in English, Spanish, Italian and mid-level French).



Curious by nature, Daniel explores all possibilities when the work is in Progress. He often comes up with solutions by examining different alternatives and moving the image in different directions as he plans his next move of what to do next or what to undo.
His ideas are unique and results often surprisingly particular which keeps the work fresh and authentic. This gives our work an extraordinary edge which makes the products stand out from the competition.

He loves sailing and all water sports which he does in the very beautiful Island where he lives (Key Biscayne ) located off the Miami Financial district or Brickell avenue as it is called.

He wrote a book when he was only 15 which is in the library of congress and me and his Father are very proud of this achievement.